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Featured Farmer-of-the-Month Subscription
For those who prefer a variety of exceptional coffees directly from the source. Give or receive deliveries of seasonal coffee from a different region every month. Free Shipping.

10 Lbs. Monthly - auto-renews $119.99 Price:
5 Lbs. Monthly - auto-renews $64.99 Price:
2 Lbs. Monthly - auto-renews $29.99 Price:
1 Lb. Monthly - auto-renews $19.99 Price:
Delivery frequency
: Monthly

Freshly roasted and delivered to your doorstep every month.

You may pause or cancel your CSA subscription at anytime. All coffee is roasted "medium". Whole beans are packaged in 1-lb, 2-lbs and 5-lbs bags. You may adjust your delivery anytime.


  • Origin: Canton Calama, Bolivia
  • Roasted: Medium
  • Cup Profile: Chardonnay-like, creamy body, chocolate
  • Process: Washed

    We'll carefully prepare our farmers' finest, single-origin coffee for you every month. We work closely with farmers in five countries and roast daily in California, just before shipping directly to you. These featured single-origin coffees are roasted between Light and Medium.

  • February: Canton Calama, Bolivia
  • March: Huatusco, Mexico
  • April: Santa Clara, Guatemala
  • May: Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua

  • Here's a video of Catarina Yac, an inspiring entrepreneur in Guatemala.

    Join CoffeeCSA and provide a steady income for family farmers and your own personal supply of exceptional coffee -- delivered right to your door. Join now and you will receive fresh-roasted coffee directly from the featured farm of the month. You may cancel or place your C.S.A. on-hold anytime.

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    We guarantee your coffee will arrive within 2 to 5 days after roasting in California.