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"Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail" by renowned photographer Olaf Hammelburg. Shipping included.

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Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail, by Olaf Hammelburg.

"Connecting Worlds: The Coffee Trail" is the link between you as a coffee consumer and the people who produced it far away from your own world.

Do you see the world that lies behind your package of coffee when you impassively place it into your shopping basket? Do you taste the chain of workmanship that stretches across several continents when you drink your espresso? This book is a photographic travel log of a journey between two totally different worlds that are linked by the same product.

Photographer Olaf Hammelburg spent two years in Peru working on this extraordinary story tracing the route taken by a small lot of coffee that has been picked, washed, dried and then blessed by a shaman high in the isolated green world of the Peruvian Andes. Transported by donkeys over suspended bridges, on rafts over a river, on a truck over high snow covered peaks all the way to the port of Lima, a transatlantic ship and then to cafes in Europe and the US. A breathtaking story told entirely by the eighty dramatic photos of magnificent places and of people with faces that have been unforgettably carved by their experiences. Your coffee gets a face after going through this book, and coffee drinking becomes a total different experience. The book is interspersed with short articles by three of the farmers, a director of a Peruvian coffee cooperative, by Olaf Hammelburg, Ken Davids (well known for his numerous books on coffee and for his website Coffee Review) and George Howell (well known as the co-founder of Cup of Excellence).